The SJP interactive Educational Map visualizes information related to education in Egypt, reflecting our belief that each and every interested party should partake in the development process of education. It geographically illustrates government-collected data, while allowing users to enter their own input on the quality and infrastructure of educational facilities. The map thus highlights pitfalls in the current status of Egyptian education that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, in a simple and accessible way, broken down by geography and administrative structure.

The map divides into three layers—one showing administrative information, one showing facilities, and one for incidents of violence. It divides governorates into those of urban, rural, or mixed nature, and shows them color coded in blue, green, and turquoise respectively.

The first layer shows school information broken down by governorate, mapping numbers of directorates, public and private schools, pupils, and teachers. It also maps several educational indices—namely, class density and teachers-to-students ratio. The data on this layer comes from official publications of the Ministry of Education, which offer governorate-level information broken down by stage of education, but do not include any data on a directorate or school level.

Second layer is dedicated to mapping lack in school facilities and infrastructure. It depends on crowdsourcing to collect data from users who fill on-site surveys detailing school name, educational stage, directorate, governorate, and type of lack, with options including electricity, maintenance, electronic tablets, overcrowding, and unqualified teachers.

The third and final layer deals with acts of violence in schools. It draws information from two sources—first is news stories collected and analyzed by the SJP team, and second is crowdsourced information entered by end users. Data received by SJP on the second or third layers get reviewed and verified by the team, either through news sources or other partners on the ground. When approved, information becomes visible on the map.



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