Rights on the Ground

Report | Development, Megaprojects and Social Costs: A snippet into 2020

This paper unpacks the state vision of ‘urban development’ by looking into two megaprojects that aim to revive the Egyptian civilization. This developmental discourse is deconstructed through focusing on two of the main resources that are considered integral to ‘Egyptianness’ within state vision. The first of which is the river Nile which particularly focuses on Mamsha Ahl Misr water resources megaproject taking place across various governorates. The second looks at how the state works to recenter ancient Egyptian monuments, highlighting Reviving alKebbash (Rams) Road megaproject, in Luxor.  The study looks at ‘development’ as part of state discourse presenting a complex policy package within  a larger context of economic reconfigurations. It investigates and questions how spaces get reinvented through a different way of managing and mobilizing resources.


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