Tablets and Education

The school year for both kindergarten and primary stages begins within a few days, while the other stages will begin three weeks later. Coincidently, the Ministry of Education launches its new educational system; firstly, on the kindergarten stage and primary one, and then the system will be applied on the first grade of secondary school, after they receive tablets.

In light of these changes, we gave attention to observe the most important past experiences by MOE to apply the system of tablets in schools. While many schools in Egypt suffer from high student density, and other areas completely lack schools, in addition to teachers’ low salaries, the lower-quality curricula, and the poor education allocation in the budget due to the state’s lack of commitment to increase the proportions allotted to education in the Egyptian Constitution, MOE has recently focused on providing “technical” solutions that reflect its perception that the delayed incorporation of technology into education is one of the reason for the educational process deterioration.


This way, the current Minister of Education limited the education problems to technology; thus, the ministry selected “tablets” as part of the problem solution. In its new educational system, it focuses on the technology experiment that has failed before, without analyzing the causes of previous failure. Perhaps, the main cause is misinterpreting the main problem, which will not be solved by technology.

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